Lilly B’s

Lilly B’s line of food products originated from a single vision — consumers should be able to trust a brand that pays attention to their family’s health and that actually tastes good!

As an entrepreneur in the food industry, Rob Holland too often saw that consumers were purchasing products that were exposed to pesticides, used unnecessary chemicals and preservatives, added too much sugar and sodium—were basically not natural. Using Flagship Food Group’s extensive R&D and food manufacturing capabilities, Rob is on a mission to take consumer foods staples and make them better for while still delivering great taste!

Lilly B’s is all about making delicious, easy-to-prepare food products that don’t sacrifice natural health and goodness to produce great flavor. We want our customers to “Bee Healthy,” and we make that happen by creating products that are as close to nature’s simple goodness as possible!

Organic Burritos
10 Grams of Protein 100% Organic
290 Calories

Making Better-For-You food is art that we are proud to say we’ve mastered! Lilly B’s Organic Burritos start with organic flour tortillas and then we fill them with organic pinto beans, organic brown rice, and extra organic cheddar cheese. Just heat and serve in the oven or microwave. Our burritos will not only satisfy your hunger, they’ll also deliver on taste — without guilt!

Family Time

It’s about mealtime, not just the meal!

Every Lilly B’s product incorporates a unique “mealtime moment” or family activity–a set of activities, discussion topics, or learning opportunities. Let Lilly help you explore how to build a kite from household materials, learn words in Spanish, or engage in thoughtful mealtime family discussion.